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Update on Invoice Deadline Extension Requests
November 09, 2016

The original deadline to submit invoices or request an extension to invoice for FY2015 recurring services was October 28, 2016. Due to USAC system errors, that deadline was extended to October 31, 2016. If you submitted an Invoice Deadline Extension Request (IDER), you can expect to receive one of the following communications from USAC:

• If you had a PIN and used the new IDER tool within the BEAR Online System to request an extension, you should have received an automatic approval/denial message on your screen as well as an email containing the same information. *Note that the email will come from the sender “no-reply” and the domain “”

• If you didn’t have a PIN and used “Submit a Question” to request an extension, you should have received an automatic email indicating that your request had been submitted. This is not an approval or denial. This email simply acts as confirmation that your request was submitted before the deadline. Requests submitted through “Submit a Question” on October 25 and prior have already been processed and those applicants should have received an approval/denial email. USAC is still working to process any “Submit a Question” requests submitted after October 25.

• If you submitted two requests for the same FRN using both the BEAR Online System and “Submit a Question,” you will eventually receive a notification that says your IDER has been DISMISSED. This is because your request through the BEAR Online System is automatic and has already been processed. Only one 120-day invoice deadline extension is granted and therefore the “Submit a Question” request, which is a manual process, will eventually be dismissed.

• If you did not request an invoice deadline extension and still received a notification of some kind, it is probably because your service provider submitted a request for extension to submit SPI Forms and you as the applicant are copied on the notifications.

The FRN Extension Table can be used to see the last allowable date to invoice for an FRN. I hope this helps clarify the IDER process. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these notifications.

Thank you.

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