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January 10th Deadline
January 04, 2018

As many of you have heard, the FY 2018 Form 471 Application Filing Window will open January 11, 2018. What you may have missed, however, is the quickly approaching January 10th deadline to update your entity information in the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC).

All profile data in EPC should be checked as soon as possible and any necessary changes should be made NOW. After January 10th (next Wednesday), USAC will be locking down all profile information and applicants will not be able to make any further changes for FY 2018.

The EPC profile data is important because it determines an applicant’s requested discount rate, Category 2 budgets, and address information for the schools and libraries that will be receiving E-rate eligible services. It is much easier to update your EPC profile with correct information than it is to fix incorrect information that will appear on your Form 471.

Specifically, you should: • Ensure that the entity type for each of your schools and non-instructional facilities (NIFs) is accurate. • Confirm the names and addresses for all of your entities and NIFs, and let USAC know if any have closed or if you expect to add any new entities for the upcoming funding year. • Schools should carefully review their student counts, including National School Lunch Program (NSLP) information. • All applicants should review the “Connectivity” questions in their profile if they have made changes to their network or have a different opinion on the sufficiency of their network.

Note that USAC has already updated EPC profiles with the data from approved FY 2017 applications, so you may notice some updated information when you log in to your account. Here is a quick video on how to update your EPC profile. If you have questions about this process, please reach out to us at as soon as possible so we can help.

Thank you.

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