Georgia E-rate Services

Providing E-rate Services to the schools and libraries of Georgia

GaDOE Network

In 2015, The University System of Georgia (USG), through a strategic partnership with the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), created a statewide educational network to serve the needs of Georgia’s K-12 students, faculty and staff. This collaborative effort has resulted in a robust, high-speed network capable of supporting the ever-increasing digital learning environment of the K-12 community in the state of Georgia. The USG facilitated the procurement and construction of a managed network service to each district and leveraged the existing PeachNet fiber infrastructure to provide Internet access to the statewide GaDOE K-12 network.

Education K-12 Network visually presented in three layers in the following sequence from top to bottom: Internet Access Layer contains the internet, Backbone Distribution Layer contains the Georgia Department of Education K-12 backbone, and Distribution Layer contains the Georgia Department of Education regional hubs and Georgia Department of Education districts. All three layers are connected by the Peachnet Fiber Infrastructure.”