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Updated Guidance for Posting Form 470s for Internet
December 13, 2017

We talked briefly at the K-12 Summit and our fall trainings about changes to the FY2018 Form 470 service type options but I wanted to share a more detailed explanation. At the end of August 2017, USAC modified the Form 470 service type options significantly and those for Internet access were most impacted by the changes. It is extremely important that applicants select accurate service types on the Form 470 in order to be compliant with E-rate competitive bidding rules.

– Applies to all 470’s filed on or after Aug. 26, 2017. Read carefully to determine if you must re-file. –

The new definitions are:

INTERNET ACCESS AND TRANSPORT BUNDLED is now defined as a bundled Internet service that is delivered over a non-fiber transport circuit. This would be most commonly used if you are seeking cable modem, DSL or similar non-fiber transport for Internet access.

LEASED LIT FIBER is now defined as two things: (1) leased lit fiber transport only OR (2) Internet access service that is delivered over a leased lit fiber circuit. Applicants that want Internet delivered over fiber should NEVER select the “Internet Access and Transport Bundled” Form 470 option.

This chart provides a clear outline of which Form 470 option to select, based on the actual service you are seeking. Also, here is a cheat sheet for a quick reference.

For applicants who already submitted a Form 470 for Internet service and may not have followed these guidelines, I strongly encourage you to re-post your Form 470 and thus re-start your 28 day bidding period. If your Form 470 was filed before August 26, 2017, you are grandfathered under the old definitions and do NOT have to refile your Form 470. Please email if you have questions about your form.

Thank you.

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